Friday, February 6, 2009

The Dinosaur Dance!


Damian said...

Alrighty, lookin good. Glad to see more new work coming up here.
I'm dusting off my broken record player to play an old tune just for you:
"Oh baby, you gotta give me more contrast, more contrast pleeeeaaase eeeaaase(skip) eeeaaase(skip) eeeaaase(skip) eeeaaase(skip)...."
Ok so yeah, same old same old great line work and characters. The butterfly up in the top right makes me giggle.

Lunchbox said...

I love this.
Absolutely wonderful, man.
What's it for?

Lunchbox said...

What am I up to? Well...
Not a whole lot. As far as work goes, I have a few clients but not enough to pay the bills yet. Looking for an agent.
May start teaching adobe related classes at ITT Tech this summer. I know a couple CCAD grads racking it in over there and they say it's super easy work.
What's up with you, man? How's Brooklyn treating you?
What's your email addy?

AG Ford said...

Nice bro, line work definitely helps you work come together as a whole. Peace!